Jewelry Armoire With Floor Stand

Tall Jewelry ArmoireJewelry Armoire

Many jewelry armoires have inadequate storage space to hold an entire jewelry collection. This jewelry armoire is large enough to take care of a jewelry collection of almost any proportion. A jewelry collection will mainly comprise of bracelets, brooches, earrings, necklaces, rings, and watches that vary in shapes and sizes. In order to consolidate your jewelry pieces into a single location will depend on storage capacity of the jewelry armoire you choose to manage this. This standing jewelry armoire is capable of holding your assortment of jewelry pieces within its many hassle-free storage options.

What kinds of jewelry can fit inside a floor jewelry armoire?

Bracelets are categorized as large jewelry pieces. The standard wrist sizes for women’s bracelet length is 5 inches to 9 inches in diameter. The pull out drawers of this standing jewelry armoire are available to store and house these sizable type of jewelry pieces. The spacious drawers are constructed of wood with felt lining on the inside will prevent scuffs and scratches in order to protect their original quality.

Tall Jewelry ArmoireBrooches are broadly categorized as small to large sized jewelry pieces. The dimensions will vary since they are not limited to any specific sizes. The deep drawers are ample in space to stow them without the concerns over their diverse sizes. All drawers of this stand up jewelry armoire are felt lined to protect them from nicks and scratches while their decorative and detailed designs are well preserved.

Earrings are categorized as small to medium sized jewelry pieces. They will range in lengths and heights depending on their styles and designs. This standing jewelry box can freely store them within the scratch-resistant cushioned interiors found in the drawers, compartments, and half ring pads. There are no real storage restrictions with them given the abundance of space to house them anywhere inside this jewelry armoire.

Necklaces are categorized as small to extra-large sized jewelry pieces. The standard measurement for women’s neckline chains are from 14 inches to 36 inches. The swing out doors of this free standing jewelry box will have rows of snag-free hooks to hang and sort a diversity of chain length necklaces. The smooth felt lined interiors will protect your dangling necklaces from dings and dents with unobstructed in usage of this jewelry armoire.

Rings are categorized as small jewelry pieces. The standard measurement for women’s whole ring sizes are 2.5 to 14. The top compartment of this floor standing jewelry box is equally divided into individual compartments to reveal, organize, and store your exceptional rings in. The soft half ring pads located in the top compartment of the jewelry armoire are designed to place and organize your rings in an easy-to-maintain manner.

Watches are categorized as medium to large jewelry pieces. The standard measurement for women’s watch sizes are 24mm to 64mm. The handcrafted wooden pull out drawers in this armoire jewelry box can easily separate your individual watch pieces into an organized collection. They can neatly lay safely inside the storage compartments of its fully lined drawers to protect their intricate designs.

Why choose a floor standing jewelry armoire for jewelry storage?

A thriving jewelry collection will need space to grow and expand. An emporium of beautiful jewelry pieces will find shelter in this free standing jewelry armoire that bolsters a generous amount of storage space. Give your jewelry pieces endless room to flourish with this jewelry armoire to ensure their original state of quality won’t be ruined!

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