Top 5 Things To Have In A Standing Jewelry Armoire

Standing Jewelry Armoire

Standing jewelry armoire

After owning a free standing jewelry armoire for some time now, I have listed 5 things you need to know before purchasing one. As an owner of a modest jewelry collection, I use a jewelry armoire to house my most precious jewelry pieces. I wanted to share my thoughts to help you on which jewelry armoire to select. Here is what I believe are the necessary things you should know before you should purchase one.

Listing your personal needs from a floor standing jewelry armoire:

  • First, you will have to judge your jewelry storage requirements to determine which type of jewelry armoire can best serve this. A floor jewelry armoire will have the most available in jewelry storage space since it stands on the floor while in comparison to a wall mounted jewelry armoire will have a limited amount of jewelry storage since it hangs on the wall. You can combine them together by housing your less frequently worn jewelry pieces in the floor standing jewelry armoire while your everyday worn jewelry pieces can be kept in the wall mount jewelry armoire.
  • Second, you will want to decide on the best room location for the jewelry armoire within your home. The ideal room can be identified by your functional needs it will serve for that specific location. The bedroom is where the majority of time is spent sleeping, relaxing, and grooming which can make for the perfect room to place it in. The living room is where social gatherings and leisure activities can pair well with other home furnishings that may be another perfect spot for it. The dining room is where holiday dinners and special occasions occur that can match well with the other elegant styled in dining furniture as the formal room to place it in.
  • Third, you will need to figure out your floor space requirements from the room the jewelry armoire is to be located in. Is there enough floor space to place a standing jewelry armoire? Is there adequate wall space to hang a jewelry armoire? Consider starting out with a wall mounted jewelry box if you are new or even experienced with jewelry storage. You can then add another wall mounted jewelry armoire or a tall jewelry armoire as your jewelry collection expands beyond the confines of the existing jewelry armoire.
  • Fourth, you will have to ascertain on the kinds of jewelry pieces to be stored inside the jewelry armoire. You should take a physical inventory of your jewelry collection to know the types of jewelry pieces you own. You will want to account for which jewelry pieces may increase in volume over time as well. These things can influence your future storage needs based on the actual physical dimensions of the jewelry pieces within your jewelry collection.
  • Lastly, you will want to decide on the design and color of the jewelry armoire in order to match the existing d├ęcor of your room. The design of the room layout can range from a traditional to contemporary to modern. The current jewelry armoire selections will offer enough styles and colors that will likely satisfy your existing room designs. The most popular choices include a white jewelry armoire or antique white jewelry armoire for the French retro style bedroom and a cherry jewelry armoire for the American traditional bedroom furnishing look.

What type of modern jewelry armoire will ideally store your jewelry?

The list of ideas are to help you to determine which jewelry armoire will suite your specific needs. They will no doubt complement your room of choice. Sheltering your classic jewelry pieces with either this standing jewelry armoire or this wall mounted mirrored jewelry armoire will stylishly enhance the look of your room!

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