Jewelry Armoires Will Prevent Sun Damage To Gemstones

Standing jewelry box

Jewelry ArmoiresWhat can you do to avert the excessive sunlight from damaging your valuable gemstone jewelry? It’s simple – the latest in jewelry armoires are now available. The sun’s rays can cause the color of the gemstones to fade or discolor while its extreme temperatures can force the gemstones to fracture or break down with time. These destructive conditions can be avoided with today’s jewelry armoire.

What a free standing jewelry box will do

This jewelry armoire is an accent piece of furniture designed to safely display, organize, and store your jewelry pieces. Its many practical features can safeguard your valuable gemstone jewelry from permanent damages. Discover how these features will help to prevent your fine gemstone jewelry from getting harmed by the natural sunlight.

How protective features of a floor standing jewelry box works

There are several pullout drawers with equally slotted compartments in this tall jewelry armoire so that you may place your individual gemstone jewelry pieces inside them. The polished metal of the knobs and handles are used to open and close the drawers in order to reveal your jewelry. All the drawers are felt lined to prevent surface rubbing and scratching between the jewelry pieces. Your gemstone jewelry will be safely sheltered inside these drawers from the direct sunlight.

Jewelry ArmoiresThe two swing out doors with built in interior compartments in this large jewelry armoire are made to hang your dangling gemstone jewelry pieces. The snag free hooks are anchored on the inside of them to display and organize your lengthy jewelry pieces while preventing chain entanglements. The interior compartments of the doors are layered with felt lining to avoid scraping and clanging of your jewelry pieces. They are constructed to close tightly enough so the sunlight cannot penetrate through while keeping your gemstone jewelry pieces safe and sound.

The single hinged lid will lift for immediate access to the top compartment that holds the jewelry pieces while this jewelry armoire with mirror is attached inside the lid for previewing yourself. The felt lined top compartment comprises of smaller divided compartments and ring cushions to display and organize your jewelry pieces while preventing any scraps and blemishes to them. The lid door overhangs to cover the entire top compartment so the sun’s damaging rays cannot reach your gemstone jewelry pieces.

Why store precious jewelry in a jewelry box armoire

The finest gemstones make for a standout addition to your jewelry collection. Protecting their original condition from natural sunlight can be done by placing them inside a proper storage solution. Having this standing jewelry box will better preserve your natural gemstone jewelry both in original shape and outstanding beauty!

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