Are Pretty Anklets On Your Ankles?

Pretty Anklets

Anklet jewelry

Not knowing in what to look for in anklet bracelets can be difficult. Handcrafted with fashionable designs gives them a pleasing feminine look. These ankle bracelets for women are also referred to as anklets jewelry which are a special kind of jewelry worn to accentuate the ankles. They are mainly constructed of sterling silver, gold, and beads to form their stylish anklet lengths and intricately textured designs. They can add a gorgeous glow around the ankles with the proper fittings and sizes to complete a wardrobe ensemble.

What kinds of silver anklets are there?

Sterling silver is a highly valued precious metal that is commonly used to design these sterling silver anklets by professional jewelry artisans. They will replicate noticeable figures found in nature like butterflies, stars, seashells, and feathers to create unique pieces. Other jewelry designers will incorporate spiritual symbols like the Holy Cross, Star of David, and Buddha as reverence to different religions. They all share a machine polished mirror finish that promises a lasting shine and sparkle around the ankles.

What are the types of gold ankle bracelets?

Gold is perhaps the most desirable precious metal for its natural beauty, radiance, and value that is widely used to make these gold anklets by skilled jewelry craftsmen. They are constructed with either 10K, 14k or 18k gold based on its color, quality, durability, and affordability to create their original designs. They are highly desired for their eye-catching sparkle while considered as a must have wear-anywhere fashion jewelry look.

What alternative form of designer anklets are there?

Unlike metal materials, beads are used on these beaded anklets to create decorative and unique designs. They are constructed with basic materials made from acrylic, glass, metal, shells, and stones. They come in various kinds of shapes that include oval, round, rectangle, and square. Combined together they form detailed beaded patterns and coordinating designs that result into one of a kind anklet jewelry pieces.

How to get fitted for ankle chains

The size of your anklet can be determined by wrapping a non-stretchy string or a tape measure snugly around the part of the ankle you intend to wear it on. For an accurate measurement be sure to measure below the ankle bone since the anklet bracelet will normally hang just below it. Be sure to add one inch for slight tautness or looseness to come up with the total length of your ankle bracelet.
Anklet bracelets will vary in chain lengths depending on your ankle measurements. The length sizes for anklets will typically range from 7.5 inches to 11 inches. The most popular length sizes for chain anklets are 8.5 inches (petite), 9 inches (small), 9.5 inches (medium), and 10 inches (large).

How to exhibit the fashion anklets

These designer anklets will make for a fabulous fashion addition to any jewelry collection. Not only can you adorn your ankles with ankle bracelets, this jewelry armoire will perfectly retain their artistry and femininity too. Display your ankle jewelry with this cherry jewelry armoire to make a lasting fashion statement!

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