Standing Jewelry Armoire Of Ample Size Launches This Year

Tall Jewelry Armoire

Tall jewelry armoire

A small jewelry box will lack sufficient space. Take action to improve your jewelry storage now. This free standing jewelry armoire is designed to sustain the most challenging jewelry collections of almost any volume. Its handcrafted construction will cater to the demands of various sized jewelry pieces. Explore the features in this one of a kind furniture that will likely satisfy most jewelry storage expectations.

What parts makeup a standing jewelry box armoire?

Tall Jewelry ArmoireThe functional hinged lid is on top of the armoire jewelry box is made from a solid flat piece of detailed edged wood that overhangs to conceal the top compartment and side doors just beneath it. The long continuous stainless steel hinge is attached on the lid’s backside and the main body of the jewelry armoire to easily open and close it. The jewelry armoire mirror is mounted on the inside of the hinged lid that will adjust into a fixed stationary position to view oneself trying on the jewelry.

The spaciousness in the top compartment with its smaller divided storage compartments are the next level down in the standing jewelry armoire that is located just underneath the lid. The five felt lined half ring pads are designed to organize, store, and display your rings while preventing any scuffs and dings between them. The middle section consists of four equally felt lined divided compartments to place any sized jewelry pieces for easy access. The remaining two felt lined equally sized rectangular compartments located at each end are ideally suited to rest larger jewelry pieces like fashion bracelets and designer watches.

The main body of the jewelry armoire consists of several drawers which is the next level down from the top compartment. Tall Jewelry ArmoireA total of five wood constructed pull out drawers are all felt lined inside to protect the jewelry from potential scrapes and scratches. The top tier consists of three equally smaller and shallower drawers are located just below the top compartment section to store smaller to medium sized jewelry pieces. The bottom tier consists of three equally larger and deeper drawers that can support medium to extra-large scale sized jewelry pieces. The decorative round shaped handles in polished metal are attached to the drawer fronts for a smooth open and close pulling action to reveal the jewelry pieces inside the drawers.

The swing door panels are mounted on each side of the jewelry armoire’s main body to hang the chain length jewelry pieces. The stainless steel swing hinges are mounted to the doors and main body of the stand up jewelry armoire to have entry and easy access to the jewelry inside. The felt lining of the interiors walls of the doors are entirely covered to prevent dings and scratches to the hanging jewelry pieces. The several snag free hooks are located in the door’s interiors to hang and separate the dangling jewelry pieces. The magnetic cabinet latches Tall Jewelry Armoireare attached to the doors to securely hold them closed when not in use.

How a jewelry box armoire can simplify jewelry collecting

This distinctive jewelry armoire is a furnishing of handcrafted perfection that will accentuate any room in your home. This jewelry armoire has many attractive features that will accommodate just about any sized jewelry collection imaginable. Having this tall jewelry armoire to help manage, store, and preserve your many jewelry pieces will make jewelry collecting much easier and more convenient!

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