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Gold Jewelry

Gold JewelryNeeding to know in what to look for in solid gold jewelry and not finding out the basic facts can lead to future purchasing mistakes. Don’t let this information pass you by before it becomes too late! It’s important to gain as much knowledge on fine gold jewelry as possible before you go on an exciting jewelry shopping trip. The more informed you are the more confident you will be when the time comes to buying gold jewelry.

How to buy gold jewelry

The wide choices in real gold jewelry will range from cheap gold jewelry to designer gold jewelry to gold jewelry sets and many more. The difference in gold karats will determine on the amount you will want to spend. Personal use will also determine on the kinds of gold jewelry designs to match your particular lifestyle needs like the workplace, home, gym, outings, special occasions, etc. This will indicate as to which jewelry pieces are needed to perform under everyday routines to dress appearances or the combination of both.

10k jewelry, 14k jewelry and 18k jewelry are the most commonly advertised as gold jewelry for sale at retail jewelry stores. This can be confusing while overwhelming when shopping for that perfect jewelry piece. Let’s briefly explore the differences between them to help guide you onto the right path.

10k gold jewelry will contain the least amount of gold metal but will have plenty of strength and durability to it. It’s categorized as affordable gold jewelry in both cost and value. Whether you are in the market for a 10k gold bracelet or a 10k gold necklace or a 10k gold earrings or a 10k gold ring the attractive price will most likely suite any jewelry budget.

14k gold will contain slightly more than half in the amount of gold metal. It’s widely recognized for its strength, durability, appearance and affordability overall. 14k engagement rings and 14k wedding rings are very popular for routine wear and tear and limited tarnishing while still maintaining their stylish glow. 14k gold bracelets, 14k gold hoop Gold Jewelryearrings and 14k gold necklaces are ideal jewelry pieces for an active lifestyle while showcasing their radiant look at the same time.

18k gold jewelry will contain around seventy-five percent in gold metal concentration that adds a softness to it. Everyday wear and tear will lead to surface scratches but will least likely to tarnish over time. Custom jewelry and fine designer jewelry are defined as high-end or luxury gold jewelry. 18k gold diamond ring, 18k gold pendant, 18k gold necklace are examples of exquisitely handcrafted gold pieces which is reflected in both price, value and appearance.

How to protect the delicate gold jewelry

Protecting your investments like gold earrings, gold bracelets, gold bangles, gold hoop earrings and more will need a special place to call home. A standing jewelry armoire is a fabulous solution to keeping them safe and sound. This free standing jewelry armoire is generously designed for its luxurious space and detailed presentation to perfectly handle the demands of real gold jewelry that you can have today!

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