Wooden Ladders That Are Just Laying Around

Wooden Ladders

Wooden Ladders

What can you do with a wooden ladder that is no longer of use? It’s quite simple – a decorative ladder has become a popular look in the home interior design. Decorating ladders may be a difficult task at first that will challenge your artistic abilities and handiness in home décor. Try these ladder hanging ideas and tricks that you can do yourself with wooden ladder décor for different rooms in the home.

What a wood ladder décor will do for a room

Decorative ladders are exceptional for hallway shoe storage to entryway shoe storage within the interior home. As a shoe storage solution these small wooden ladders will occupy little floor space. Decorative small wooden ladders are perfect for organizing shoes and displaying your collection of leather shoes, black casual shoes, high heel shoes and much more. Remember to place the shoe heels onto the rungs of the small ladders for better display and shoe storage.

Decorative wall ladders will neatly hang on the living room or family room walls. Wall mounted ladders are great for displaying items like framed art, rustic crafts, silk flowers, antiques, miniature collectibles and much more. Be sure to properly anchor and level these fixed wall mounted ladders to the walls so the home decorations won’t fall off them. You will want to support these wall mount ladders with wall screws by drilling them into existing wall studs or drywall anchor screws where studs are unavailable.

Decorative old wood ladders are decorative accessories and stylish storage for bedrooms. Their choices come in decorative antique ladders, decorative rustic ladders, decorative country ladders, decorative vintage ladders and many more. You can hang any type of clothing from a business casual skirt to a chiffon blouse to denim jeans on these wooden decorative ladders. Investigate the various sizes these decorative wooden ladders will offer in hanging clothing storage to fit your organizational needs.

Ladder towel racks will perform as towel holders for bathrooms and as bathroom decorations. Bathroom towel ladders are ideal for hanging towels like hand towels, body towels and kid towels. You will want to check the number of rungs these wood bathroom towel ladders have to offer. The various dimensions in these ladder towel holders will determine the rung counts which means the more rungs the more towels you can hang away.

Hanging ladders from the kitchen ceilings are not only decorative accents but are ideal for storage and organization too. You can display lighting fixtures to hanging pots and pans on these decorative hanging ladders. You will want to install these hanging ladder decor with ladder hangers or ceiling mounts that correlates to the weight of the objects. Be sure to secure these ceiling ladders with strong ceiling screw hooks into the ceiling studs for overhead safety purposes.

What a decorative wood ladder can accomplish

You will have to decide on the type of decorative furniture ladders that will suite your decorative accents for the home. Whether a decorative wooden step ladder to a decorative wall ladder to a rustic wooden ladder each of these home decor accents can certainly enrich your interior decorating designs. Consider matching them with furniture accents like a standing jewelry armoire to complement the interior home decor you will want to achieve today!

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