Cherry Wood Jewelry Box Will Last

Cherry Wood Jewelry Box

Cherry Wood Jewelry Box

How do you keep your precious jewelry safe when the cardboard jewelry box it’s stored in break downs over time? It’s simple – the latest in jewelry box designs are now available. Special jewelry is often received as gifts or presents on special occasions like Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries and more that come in retail jewelry boxes that are often made of cardboard packaging. Overcome this with the many fabulous and exciting features a solid wood jewelry box has to offer you!

What is a cherry jewelry box?

Cherry wood color in jewelry boxes will complement the beauty and elegance seen within your jewelry pieces. A cherry color wood is well-known for its classic reddish-brown and deep hardwood finish. Natural cherry will have a fine satin-smooth texture and circular close-grain pattern that further intensifies its reddish character and distinctive appearance. A cherry jewelry box will normally age or mature into a slightly darker reddish tone that will nicely complement a jewelry collection.

Handmade wooden jewelry boxes are designed to keep and protect an assortment of jewelry pieces. Unlike a jewelry box for earrings only or a jewelry box for necklaces only or jewelry box for rings only will only restrict the types of jewelry that can be properly stored. Rings, earrings, necklaces, pendants, brooches and pins will rest neatly inside the well-designed compartments within a handmade wood jewelry box to avoid scratches, scuffs and dents. Watches and bracelets will comfortably wrap around the exquisite ultra-soft pillows to prevent against physical damages to them as well.

Handcrafted jewelry boxes are given special attention to the intricate designs and finer details. The jewelry box knobs and pulls with a satin nickel finish will exude class and elegance while perfecting its flawless presentation. The jewelry box lining or jewelry box felt will showcase the beauty of your jewelry with the gentle touch and feel of the smooth velvet material enshrouding it. The jewelry box with drawers are delicately handcrafted for classic jewelry pieces to be easily accessible for previewing you’re exceptional collection.

What sizes a custom jewelry box will come in

The size choices in custom jewelry boxes will cater to almost any jewelry collection based on your personal needs. A small wood jewelry box is an ideal fit for just a few items like costume jewelry bracelets, diamond vintage rings, antique necklaces and more. A large jewelry box is precisely designed for multiple jewelry pieces where pull out drawers are added to lend additional jewelry space.

What a beautiful jewelry box can do with memories

An elegant jewelry box will definitely make your jewelry collection a gorgeous standout. It will not only highlight their beauty but it will possess your favorite moments within them. Keeping their sentimental value alive is something you never want to lose. Preserve those special memories with this keepsake jewelry box to hold them for years to come by starting today!

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