How To Create That HDR Photography For Images

HDR Photography

HDR PhotographyLearn how to create the splendor of HDR images with an eye-catching appeal and an unforgettable dramatic look! Have fun with adding flare and excitement to your images with HDR. It’s a unique twist in the way to alter visual provoking photos that exposes everything within and around them. Try these photography tips to gain more insight into the world of HDR!

What is high dynamic range imaging?

HDR or High Dynamic Range is made by taking three photos of the same scene with each at different exposure speeds. The concept behind it is to create a dynamic range in the ratio of light to dark in the taken photographs. The HDR effect then combines the three photos to get the details in the shadows and in the highlights from them. You ultimately end up with HDR pictures at a very high contrast and vibrant color style with a strong dramatic look as a final result.

How a highest dynamic range camera will help you

HDR PhotographyThe physical aspect to achieve this dynamic photography is actually being on location somewhere to capture the desired images. Shooting HDR will require a HDR photo camera with an Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) that automatically takes three or more shots while each are at a different exposure. Modern smartphones are equipped with a HDR camera and HDR software that produce decent quality effects in HDR images as well. HDR photography tutorial like photography 101, DIY photography, and types of photography are helpful online guides to shooting techniques with a HD photo camera as a very beneficial resource to use.

If you are not a professional photographer or don’t own photography equipment or don’t have the time then you will want to try stock photos. Stock photos are images that anyone can license for creative use by paying a nominal fee located on websites like and to use. Free images are also available when contributors waive their copyright and related image rights under Creative Commons found on websites like and Be sure to thoroughly review the legalities with regards to personal use versus commercial use with any and all images you decide to obtain for this HDR effect.

Why a HDR filter Photoshop will enhance your images

The application of HDR photo software or image-editing software will fine tune the HDR photo effects to your images. Adobe Photoshop is the most recognized software used as a HDR photo editor when creating the photo HDR effect. Free video sharing websites like give simple step-by-step HDR Photographytutorials to produce the HDR Photoshop to your images. The Photoshop video tutorials will greatly enhance the learning curve and allow you to use it on an unlimited number of images.

What are the ideal subjects to photo HDR?

When you create these high dynamic range images you will want to experiment with different subject matters. Portrait photography will range from people to objects to landscapes that are ideal for HDR application. HDR was applied to this standing jewelry armoire to capture its visually dynamic and stunning effect. Explore these collection of jewelry armoires to showcase the breathtaking beauty HDR can give them today!

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