Twelve Gemstone Facts To Know In Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone Jewelry

Birthstone Jewelry

After learning that Jewelry Birthstone have different meanings, I’ve put together a short list of things you can discover about them. Each calendar month a person is born will be represented by a specific kind of gem or gemstone. The correlation between birth months and gemstones have shared a long regarded jewelry history together. Learn about their interesting meanings with this brief but helpful list to guide you in the future purchase of birthstone jewelry.

  1. January’s birthstone is represented by Garnet that consists of a deep vibrant ruby red colored look. It’s thought to help with increasing energy, positivity, commitment and faith. The hardiness of garnet jewelry is ideal for routine wear found in garnet rings, garnet pendants, garnet necklaces, vintage garnet earrings and much more.
  2. February’s birthstone is represented by Amethyst that is unquestionably fit for royalty based on its powerful purple color appearance. The purple colored themed stone is defined by strength, courage, peace and stability. Its tough hardiness is perfect for everyday wear found in modern rings, vintage bracelets and antique necklaces.
  3. March’s birthstone is represented by Aquamarine that is part of the emerald family. Its deep shades of blue can bring calmness, happiness and peace. An upscale and expensive gemstone that’s stylishly designed and perfectly handcrafted for aquamarine engagement rings, aquamarine pendants and aquamarine necklaces as March birthstone jewelry.
  4. April’s birthstone is represented by Diamond the most widely known gemstone on the list. Widely recognized as the modern and traditional kind of gemstone is symbolized with love, marriage, commitment and courage. April birthstone jewelry is hailed as the hardest stone while recognized as one of a kind jewelry that’s gorgeously handcrafted into pieces like diamond necklaces, diamond earrings, diamond bands and diamond rings.
  5. May’s birthstone is represented by Emerald which is immediately identifiable with its strikingly brilliant and very valuable green color stone display. The fine traditional gem is suggested to bring youth, fertility, health and confidence. The rich clarity and inner glow from the emerald pendants, emerald wedding rings and emerald and diamond earrings are ideal standout jewelry pieces to have as May birthstone jewelry.
  6. June’s birthstone is represented by Pearl. It’s the only organic birthstone unlike most gemstones. Innocence and purity are the symbolic meanings for this unique birth month. Single pearl necklaces, small pearl earrings and black pearl rings are exceptional pieces that truly exhibit the striking essence of June birthstone jewelry.
  7. July’s birthstone is represented by Ruby. Its recognizable medium rich to dark reddish tone are said to bring passion, protection and prosperity. Commonly used as a radiant standout gemstone to design all sorts of jewelry pieces. July birthstone jewelry will include stunning pieces seen in ruby bracelets, ruby diamond earrings, ruby engagement rings and vintage ruby earrings.
  8. August’s birthstone is represented by Peridot that stands out with its noticeable bright shade of intense green with a slight tinge of engaging yellow. Strengthening relationships, empowering energy and healing the soul are associated to its symbolic meanings. Gold peridot rings, peridot pendants and peridot necklaces are decadent kinds of peridot jewelry that are beautifully created to form a collection of August birthstone jewelry.
  9. September’s birthstone is represented by Sapphire which is the most precious and highly valued in blue colored stones. Increasing wisdom, strengthening integrity and bringing good fortune are the symbolic meanings behind its incandescent appearance. Diamond rings with sapphires and wedding rings with sapphires are widely sought after in sapphire birthstone rings.
  10. October’s birthstone is represented by Opal which maintains a unique glowing iridescence appeal. Raising self-worth and self-image to enhancing creativity and imagination are thought to be the energy driven meanings behind it. Opal engagement rings with diamonds to white gold opal earrings are highly desired pieces from the collection of October birthstone jewelry.
  11. November’s birthstone is represented by Topaz. Its deep fiery orange mesmerizes the eyes of onlookers. Healing the mind, body and soul to offering truths and forgiveness are believed to raise the mental and physical spirit with its special meanings to wearers of it. Topaz diamond rings, topaz stud earrings and topaz wedding rings are greatly coveted by jewelry enthusiasts that are shopping for November birthstone jewelry.
  12. December’s birthstone is represented by Turquoise that possess a striking opaque blue-greenish color presentation. Its long ancient gemological history is believed to bring balance, truth and wisdom to the wearers of it. Silver and turquoise earrings, turquoise sterling silver rings and gold turquoise necklaces are handcrafted with fine precious metals that continues to intrigue jewelry collectors of December birthstone jewelry.

Birthstone jewelry sets will honor your birth month with meaningful recognition and lovely recollection. Whether you are shopping for a necklace with birthstones to birthstone engagement rings to birthstone bands these special jewelry will possess exceptional meanings and capture sentimental values. Preserving them within a jewelry armoire can begin today!

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