Primary 9 Features To Want In A Standing Jewelry Chest

Standing Jewelry Chest

Standing Jewelry Chest

After owning this Standing Jewelry Armoire for a couple of years, I’ve assembled the Top 9 things you should know before purchasing one. I created this list to help customers who tend to feel a bit lost and overwhelmed to the many kinds of jewelry armoires that are available with today’s retailers. The most common question I often hear from customers is “what should I look for in a stand up jewelry armoire?” To narrow this down, let’s explore my anatomical breakdown of recommended options to consider when you’re ready to purchase a free standing jewelry armoire.

What are the classy features to a tall jewelry armoire?

  1. Top Lid is located at the very top of a jewelry armoire that is attached by hinges to easily open and close. Its main purpose is to give access to the top compartment while completely concealing the jewelry pieces that are stored beneath.
  2. Vanity Mirror is beautifully styled to match the top lid shape while securely mounted to it. The frameless mirror offers convenience and accessibility to check out your complete dress ensemble. Trying on gold hoop earrings to a diamond necklace to a silver pendant with a decorative vanity mirror will reveal how they appear on you.
  3. Top Compartment consist of equally divided sections to accommodate the display, organization and security of several pieces of jewelry. It’s purposely designed to eliminate the worries of blemishes, dents and scratches to them. Rings and earrings will snugly insert into the polished velvet pillow tops. Bracelets, brooches, necklaces, pendants and watches will comfortably rest into the smooth felt lined inner sectional compartments.
  4. Small Pullout Drawers consist of four small individual drawers made with cozy yet ample space to perfectly hold all kinds of special jewelry. Its set of drawers are lined by hand with silky felt suede to prevent harm to trendy costume jewelry, antique vintage jewelry artisan, designer jewelry and much more.
  5. Swing Out Doors are set of two doors that mirror the attractive appearance and design approach of cabinet doors. Charm necklaces, custom necklaces and designer necklaces will elegantly hang on the decorative hooks for jewelry display and jewelry organization. The entire interior of the durable doors are felt lined to prevent jewelry damage while opening and closing them.
  6. Drawer Pull Knobs are attached to every individual drawer for easier jewelry access. The silver drawer knobs are stylishly decorative while practical for jewelry storage. The decorative knobs are the finishing touch to greatly complement the jewelry accessories from any collection.
  7. Large Pullout Drawers consist of three spacious drawers that are nicely constructed to freely shelter medium to large sized jewelry pieces. The wooden drawers are lined by hand with black suede fabric to protect the beauty and radiance of each and every piece of jewelry. Bangle bracelet sets, wrist watches, earring and necklace sets will comfortably reside inside the wood drawers without obstruction or hindrance.
  8. Suede Felt or suede fabric is arranged to cover the entire interior of the floor standing jewelry armoire. The suede material will not only protect the jewelry and gems of a jewelry collection but enhance their attractive presentation too.
  9. Platform Base is perfectly balanced to keep an entire jewelry collection safe and sound. The wood platform is thoughtfully designed to withstand sudden and abrupt movements. It’s built with lasting durable wood that will support treasured jewelry pieces against damage and destruction.

These are the ideal features of a floor jewelry armoire that you should really look for to house your precious jewelry collection in. Keep in mind that not only do you want to preserve the gorgeous appearance of your jewelry but their special meanings they represent in your life as well. Protecting your valuable jewelry pieces and their sentimental memories with a floor standing jewelry armoire can begin today!

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