White Jewelry Holder That’s Transportable

White Jewelry Holder

White Jewelry Holder

Most large jewelry boxes are awkward and bulky to travel around with. This white jewelry tray can safely secure your small collection of jewelry pieces while being away from home. The well-crafted compact design of this nice jewelry box will offer hassle-free maneuvering and easy portability from one location to another. Explore how these functional features of this travel jewelry box will help to extend the life of your fashion jewelry!

What a small jewelry box can do

The wooden flip top is skillfully mounted onto this customized jewelry box as the primary access point. This wood vanity top will easily open to reveal the jewelry inside. The vanity mirror is purposely attached to the interior of the flip top so you don’t have to search for a room mirror. This compact mirror is ideal for a quick glance at yourself while trying on different types of jewelry.

The pull out drawer is perhaps the most attentively designed feature to this small jewelry box. This organizer drawer was thoughtfully made with handcrafted wood to represent the great craftsmanship that went into it. The drawer slides in an outward position to expose the several areas of the storage compartment that will hold all kinds of bracelets, brooches, earrings, pins, rings and much more. Any sudden movements during transport will prevent the possibility of damage and destruction to your jewelry with this custom jewelry box.

The several rows of ring pillows are cleverly located within the pull out drawer of this wooden jewelry box. The grey pillows will preserve the condition and appearance of a small jewelry collection. This designated area is specifically custom crafted to stow away certain types of jewelry pieces. Gold rings to hoop earrings will comfortably rest inside the smooth suede of the elegant pillows.

The powdered white metal casing is what structurally holds this jewelry case in one piece. The beautifully handcrafted metal casing is designed to enshroud the entire jewelry box. This will ensure against potential harm and damage to your jewelry located inside it. Everything will be held firmly together with this portable jewelry display case that will eliminate your worries about the jewelry’s physical state and condition.

Why a small travel jewelry box will keep you calm

Traveling around with so many things in hand can add uninvited anxiety and increased frustration. Removing the doubts about the treatment of your fine jewelry can help to reduce some of this concern. Consider this jewelry storage box to ease your mind when traveling with jewelry that can begin today!

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