We Meticulously Handcrafted A Jewelry Necklace Display!

Jewelry Necklace Display

Jewelry Necklace Display

Several kinds of metal jewelry stands will rust and corrode with time due to the low-cost metal used to make it. We custom designed a copper necklace holder for jewelry lovers to prevent this from happening. We carefully listened to our customers who voiced their request for a jewelry stand that was of lasting quality combined with an attractive appearance. The concept behind this copper jewelry holder was to assemble an exceptional product made in the United States skillfully.

The copper pipe jewelry stand is about the ability for you to quickly organize your necklace pieces. An active lifestyle requires an efficient way to keep your jewelry necklaces on the go. The more neatly you can arrange your necklaces the simpler your life will be. You will ultimately prevent the risk of entanglements and emotional grief of your necklaces knotting up with the copper necklace stand.

How the metal jewelry stand is made

The necklace stand will make a standout appearance in the home interior décor. The natural glow will give a mirror reflection when you gaze at it. All parts are individually hand shined to reveal the warm radiance and vibrant sheen. The copper pipes and copper fittings are hand polished to accentuate the charm and beauty of your necklace chains and necklace charms.

The necklace holder is intentionally clear coated to prevent corrosion and rust from occurring. The gloss finish adds a final touch of stylish glow and brilliant shine. The metal copper pieces will gorgeously highlight and showcase your fine jewelry necklaces. You will have a piece of mind knowing the jewelry stand will appear in the same condition from the original day you received it.

The copper pipe jewelry stand is aesthetically designed by how the copper fittings are connected. No silver soldering is ever applied so that the copper parts will show off the shiny copper color throughout the pipe jewelry display. A seamless and robust adhesive is applied to the pipe jewelry holder to eliminate the visible solder seams typically seen in copper connections.

Why a jewelry necklace holder will keep memories

Special necklaces will carry special meanings and significant moments in your life. The fear of losing them before it’s too late will quickly pass you by without realizing it. Preserve their sentimental integrity with this jewelry organizer stand that can be yours starting today!

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